Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling


Remodeling your basement can add value and functionality to your home.
Let our years of experience help fit your basement to your needs.

Basement Remodeling Contractor in Rockford IL

Are you tired of using your basement as a storage unit?  Why not turn it into another living space for the whole family to enjoy?  If you feel like you're wasting valuable living space and want to remodel your basement into a bright, warm space - reach out to Acadia Homes LLC today!  Our team of experts can help by providing personalized basement finishing services that will help bring light and value back to your home. 

Remodeling Contractor Rockford IL

Put your trust into our team of professionals here at Acadia Homes LLC when it comes to remodeling your basement in Rockford, IL. Our services include but are subjected to drywall, flooring, trim work, doors, lighting and finish carpentry when it comes to basement remodeling. Give us a call today and we'd be happy to come out and take a look and provide you with a quote on getting your basement remodeled!
Benefits of Remodeling Your Basement
About UsIncrease Your Living Space
If you struggle with high energy bills finishing your home’s basement can help. Finished basements add layers to help keep the temperature consistent and reduce the energy needed to heat or cool your home.
About UsIncrease Your Home Value
Since a finished basement adds extra space to your home, it increases the value.  If you're thinking of selling your home in the future, you'll want a finished basement to attract more interest in home buyers.
About UsVersatility Space
When it comes to finishing your basement, the possibilities are endless!  Many home owners like to add full bathrooms or a spare bedroom but there's so much more you can do like a gym, bar, home office, and more!


Basement Renovation Contractors Near Me

Here at Acadia Homes LLC, we know that your basement holds a world of potential. We've successfully been transforming dark, unused basements into bright, popular living spaces all around the Northern Illinois and Sourthern Wisconsin regions and would love the chance to help you! Think of the possibilities like a movie theater, wine cellar, and much more.
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