Home Additions

Home Additions


Transform Your Home In More Ways Than One.
Add new amenities and space that are necessary for improved comfort and functionality

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Families grow, new jobs, new needs come up, thats why we provide custom home additions to suit your needs.  Home additions are a great way to transform your home!  Home addition projects let you expand your home's floor space so you can make the most of your lot.  When it comes to home additions, there's a few basic types that add to your living space, cuts down on cost, and expands your home's style. Ultimately, home additions give you the opportunity to provide yourself and your family with the amenities and space that are necessary for improved comfort and functionality.  Homes don't always fit our needs 100% of the time, if that sounds familiar then give us a call and lets see how Acadia Homes can help.
Benefits of Home Additions & Extensions
About UsAdditional Space
The most common home addition is to add additional space. We never know what we need until we need it, that's why home additions offer flexiblity when the time arrises to add more useful space to your home.
About UsAdditional Value
Adding onto your home, or remodeling an existing room can add value to your home. No matter if you plan on selling or living there, a solid home addition can add value to your home.
About UsSpecialized Space
Maybe you are looking for a specialized space such as a music room or a home office or sunroom or even just enlarging a front or back entrance, consider room additions that serve a dedicated purpose.


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Home additions make sense. Before you decide to put your house on the market, give Acadia Homes a call today and lets talk about the benefits of home additions and see what's right for you.  Additions can solve your living space or storage problems and can increase the value of your property.
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