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Remodeling your bathroom can add value and functionality to your home.
Let our years of experience help fit your bathroom to your needs.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Rockford IL

Let Acadia Homes turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat where you can go to and relax after a long, hard day.  We provide complete bathroom remodeling from the initial consultation, design, product selection, and more!  Trust that you’re in good hands with Acadia Homes and that we’ll work to create your dream bathroom into a reality.  

Remodeling Contractor Rockford IL

While bathrooms aren’t as large as basements or kitchens, they still require an immense amount of planning and preparation to ensure you get exactly what you’re dreaming of.  Our team of professionals will work with you to make sure you get the exact facets, tile, sink, and bathtub you deserve. Whether you’re in need of tub-to-shower conversion, safety tub, or a full remodel — we’re here to help!


Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom
About UsIncrease Value of your Home
Bathroom remodels can dramatically increase the value of your home. By replacing outdated features with modern and energy efficient baths, toilets and sinks you can increase the value of your home by $2000-$3000.
About UsAdd More Space
Did you know that you can now make a small bathroom feel more spacious by remodeling it.  Open up the room, change the design and replace old furniture to enjoy a real change in your bathroom.
About UsCorrect Certain Features
Whether it is a sink that perpetually leaks or cracked tiles, a bathroom renovation gives the homeowner the opportunity to fix any unsafe features or dangerous components in your bathroom.


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Besides increasing the value of your home, the bathroom can be a place to get creative and have some fun.  Outdated bathrooms can stop potential buyers in their tracks so if you plan on selling your home in the future, give Acadia Homes a call today and lets rid of that ugly pink tile and baby blue toliet and lets get your bathroom back in the current decade.
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